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March 6, 2019

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From Your Capitol - Week of February 11, 2019

February 16, 2019


The House met as a whole throughout the week to discuss general bills that made it out of committee and onto the calendar. Thursday, Feb. 14 was the deadline for representatives to discuss these general bills. Any bills not discussed in session by this deadline died on the calendar. The bills that were considered this week dealt with a variety of topics. 


Heartbeat Bill Passes the MS House of Representatives


One of the most debated bills from this week was House Bill 732. The bill prohibits an abortion of a fetus once a heartbeat is detected, except if the mother’s life or health is in danger. A heartbeat is usually detected around the sixth week of a pregnancy, which would make this law, if enacted, one of the earliest abortion bans in the country. This bill is a victory for the pro-life movement and the unborn in Mississippi. After debate that lasted over an hour, HB 732 passed 81-36. 


If you are pro-choice or pro-abortion I urge you to watch the video below.  Abortion is the act of killing a human being.  No "choice" is more important than a life created in the image of God.  Abortion is pure evil.


House Bill 1205 also caused much debate on the House floor. If enacted into law, the act provides that a public agency cannot request or release personal information to an entity organized under Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code. Most of these organizations are considered nonprofits. Thisbill protectsdonors from disclosing their personal information. The bill passed 69-47.


Industrial Hemp Pass the MS House of Representatives


This week was a victory for those of us who support the farmers of Mississippi and are fighting to give them another crop to grow. I successfully amended the controled substance law to remove industrial hemp as a prohibited crop. This action is in response to the federal government's recent change that allows farmers to grow industrial hemp. House Bill1547will now go to the senate for debate, hopefully the senate will understand the importance of this crop and send this bill to the governor for his signature.


Here are a few facts about hemp;

  • Growing Hemp was approved by US Congress, Supported by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Supported by President Donald Trump

  • Marijuana CAN NOT be grown hidden in a Hemp field

  • Missississippi Deptartment of Agriculture Hemp program must include:

    • Shared information with federal government

    • licensed and approved growers and handlers

    • GPS coordinates of all hemp fields

    • Testing of crops to ensure compliance

  • Hemp Sales estimated to be almost $1 Billion in 3 years

Victim Rights Constitutional Amendment


House Concurrent Resolution 47proposes an amendment to the Mississippi Constitution of 1890 that would ensure rights to victims throughout the criminal and juvenile justice systems. According to the proposed amendment, crime victims would be notified of all proceedings involving their perpetrator. The concurrent resolution passed the House 84-33 and will now be considered by the Senate.


If you have any questions, concerns, or request, please email me at criswelldana@yahoo.com or give me a call on my cell phone at (901) 275-4191.


It is an honor to serve you, and I humbly ask for your prayers as we seek to make decisions that help the people of our state.




To learn more about me or my campaign visit my website, www.DanaCriswellforMississippi.com.


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