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March 6, 2019

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From Your Capitol - Week of January 14, 2019

January 19, 2019


This is the second week of the 2019 Legislative Session. Because it is early in the session, the committees are just starting to meet as bills are still being drafted, so the floor action has been light. Bills must be passed out of committee before they are considered by the House. The deadline for the introduction of general bills and constitutional amendments is Monday, January 21, so many committees are waiting until all bills are filed to hold meetings. 


After Monday’s deadline, we will have a clearer picture about which legislation might become law. You can scroll throughmore than 1,000 bills that have already been introduced and see how the MS Center for Public Policy has rated each bill Here.


This week the House passed a bill that would allow electric power associations (EPAs) to offer broadband internet to more rural areas of the state through electric cooperatives with affiliates or other operators.  On the surface this sounds like a great idea because who could be against folks in rural Mississippi getting high speed internet. But as always, government is not as it appears and there is more happening behind the scenes. 


I voted NO because everyone involved in this discussion, from the top of government to the local electric cooperatives have admitted that this bill will do little to nothing to help anyone in rural MS get internet. I also believe this is the open door to get government involved in broadband by slowing giving the Public Service Commission oversight of broadband suppliers. 


I do not vote for legislation that is designed to fool the people into thinking government has solved a problem when it does nothing, so I voted NO on this bill. 


The stated purpose of this bill was to give legislators "cover" so they could tell "their folks" they had done something to solve the broadband problem. When in reality everyone knows this bill will not solve any problem, and I believe has the potential to create bigger government in the future.


My parents live in rural Tippah county and I own land there I one day hope to live on, so I would love to solve this problem. But I promise you, like always, government involvement will not solve this issue. Only 2 electric co-ops have indicated this is something they will even consider. Providing high speed internet to the guy at the end of the road in rural Mississippi is too expensive for AT&T or Comcast and it’s too expensive for the electric co-ops.



Bills I've Introduced


I have authored several bills but only three have been assigned to a committee, the others will follow later this coming week.


HB 633

Motor vehicle; remove prohibition on leaving unattended without first stopping the engine and removing the key.
01/16 (H) Referred To Transportation


HB 634

Tax Credit Scholarship Act; create.
01/16 (H) Referred To Education;Ways and Means


HB 708
Alcoholic beverages; allow direct sales and shipments of wine to be made to residents in this state.
01/17 (H) Referred To Ways and Means

The Purpose of Government


According to our constitution the government has very limited authority which only includes the protection of life, liberty and property, but many seem to believe that government exist to provide services. This is a very slippery slope that only ends with larger government and higher taxes. I am committed to limiting government to its core functions and reducing government at every opportunity.


If you have any questions, concerns, or request, please email me at criswelldana@yahoo.com or give me a call on my cell phone at (901) 275-4191.


It is an honor to serve you, and I humbly ask for your prayers as we seek to make decisions that help the people of our state.




To learn more about me or my campaign visit my website, www.DanaCriswellforMississippi.com.

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