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March 6, 2019

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March 20, 2018


Here is a question for you, How much money do you think local governments should give away to private institutions and charities?  


By Mississippi law a local county or city can not give tax payer money to a private institution unless it is approved first by the legislature, every year local governments ask permission to give away millions of dollars.  Some of these non-profits do good things but do you want your local elected officials to decide for you where you contribute your money.


It is ALL your money, these folks don't have a dime to spend that they haven't first taken from the people of their local area in the form of taxes.  So how much freedom to you want them to have when it comes to supporting non-profits and charities?


This year local governments have asked and its been approved by the legislature to give away over $26 million to charities.  One way that this transfer of taxpayer money happens is a groups sets up an "Economic Development Council" who then spends that money to help draw businesses into the area.  These councils give away money to entice a business into the area, often build them roads and provide other services in the name of "economic development".  


But you, the taxpayer, have no say about how this money is spent, you have no oversight of the council, you have no vote about who sits on the council, and the council is not subject to any open records laws.  


Are you OK with this?


Follow this link to read who the Desoto County Board of supervisors wants to give $25 million to this year.  http://billstatus.ls.state.ms.us/documents/2018/pdf/HB/1600-1699/HB1683IN.pdf

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