Thank you Olive Branch, The Work Begins Now!

THANK-YOU.jpgI want to thank the many volunteers who made my campaign a success.  Hundreds of my friends, family members, and fellow residents of Desoto County contributed their time and money to support my campaign.  This election was not about me, it was about the idea that our government should be run by regular citizens who have no desire to become career politicians.

The people of Olive Branch and Desoto County have made it clear that they are tired of politics as usual and are ready to stand for freedom and liberty. I am honored that they have asked me to represent them in our State government and I am humbled by the trust they have put in me.  I will work hard to live up to their expectations.

Mississippi has positioned itself as a leader in the conservative, anti-establishment movement and I believe we will continue to fight until we have regained the freedoms that constitutionally belong to the people and the State.


Olive Branch is ready to lead the fight to improve our educational system. Desoto County is an educational leader in Mississippi and we stand ready and willing to explore new ideas and approaches to help other counties achieve our same level of educational excellence.  

Once our county has chosen its new Superintendent, the people of Olive Branch will be ready to work with them to ensure the continued success of our public school system.  We will not overlook those children with special needs, those who choose home school, or private school, because our goal is an exceptional education for every child no matter the path taken.

Olive Branch residents have had enough of the federal governments overreaching and unconstitutional regulations. We are ready to stand against those who ignore our rights and our constitution.

We have had enough of the good ole' boy corrupt political system and we promise businesses that Olive Branch will do its part to root out those who stand in the way of our economic success.

No one in established politics believed Olive Branch had a chance to unseat the established incumbents, but Olive Branch has put all politicians on notice, politics in Mississippi is changing and Olive Branch intends to be a leader.

We will continue to demand our liberty and freedom.

Olive Branch owes Rep. Hamilton gratitude, there is no doubt that he loves our city and his service to the people has made Olive Branch a better place to live.  Thank you Rep. Hamilton.


It takes us all to make the changes we want.  We are the government and as your representative in the legislature I need your input. Please take the first step by joining us!  

Go to this page on our website and join us to make Mississippi the best place to live.  

Mississippi needs you!

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