State Legislators Send Letter to State Board of Education

Last week the people of Mississippi were successful in their efforts to have Dr. Carey Wright, MS State Superintendent of Education, reverse her decision to follow the Obama administration's demands on bathroom policy.  Through the Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Education our president attempted to impose his social experiment on our children by threatening to withhold federal money from our state if we failed to comply.  Dr. Wright immediately folded to the president's demands risking our children's safety and angering a vast majority of Mississippians.

In Dr. Wright's statement reversing her decisions she said she would "follow the lead of state leadership and take no action at this time regarding the non-regulatory guidance from the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Education."

Tomorrow the Mississippi State Board of Education will hold a special meeting to discuss the Obama directive.  

Speaker Philip Gunn of the Mississippi House of Representatives delivered a letter today signed by 76 members of the MS House of Representatives demanding the MS State Board of Education protect our children and ignore the directive by the Obama administration which would allow boys in the girls bathrooms and locker rooms.

The citizens of Mississippi can not let up, call the board members and voice your opinion. 

Here are the numbers for the state school board: 
John Kelly- (228)868-5770, 
Rosemary Aultman- (601)924-4830, 
Buddy Bailey- (601)825-5590, 
Kami Bumgarner- (601)605-4171, 
Jason Dean- (601)664-8858, 
Karen Elam- (662)513-0705, 
Johnny Franklin- (601)664-8363, 
William Jones- (601)545-8324, 
Charles McClelland- (601)991-2412.



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