Rep. Dana Criswell named 2017 Champion of Freedom


Mississippi’s legislative session was highlighted by several victories that will promote freedom and prosperity in the state. Lawmakers passed legislation that reformed outdated regulations and protected property rights, and stopped bills that would have hurt taxpayers and continued special interest handouts.

Here’s just a few of the victories:

  • Landmark occupational licensing reform (HB 1425): This new law brings much-needed oversight to licensing boards in the many industries that require government permission to work. Many of these licensing requirements are unnecessary and over-burdensome and can keep aspiring workers from climbing the ladder of success.
  • Civil asset forfeiture reform (HB 812): This new law increases transparency and adds additional protections for property owners.
  • Stopping Medicaid abuse (HB 1090): This new law will keep Medicaid costs down by reducing waste and fraud in the program.
  • Defeating an internet sales tax (HB 480): This bill would have forced out-of-state businesses to collect the state sales tax from Mississippi residents. An internet sales tax would make online purchases more unaffordable and is unconstitutional.
  • Ending handouts to Hollywood (HB 711): The legislature defeated a bill that would have doled out taxpayer money to movie companies who film in the state. The handouts cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars with little—if any—economic benefit to the state.

Our 2017 Economic Freedom Scorecard gives residents a comprehensive look at where each lawmaker stands on advancing freedom in our state.

This year, Americans for Prosperity Mississippi looked at 37 votes on bills in the House and 27 votes in the Senate, totaling nearly 6,000 votes scored.

With all the votes tallied, 18 representatives and 15 senators earned the 2017 Champions of Freedom designation, scoring 90 percent or higher on our Economic Freedom Scorecard. They deserve the thanks of every Mississippian for doing the right thing and putting our state’s taxpayers and families first.

Check out the scorecard to see which legislators are Champions of Freedom and how your representatives stacked up.

Click Here to view the entire scorecard.


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