Our Political Leaders Need Your Attention and Oversight


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Over the past several months I have talked to thousands of Olive Branch, MS residents as I campaigned to become the next State Representative for Mississippi’s District 6.  I am happy to say that we were successful in our mission and the citizens of Olive Branch now have a greater voice in our government.

As citizens we often lament the fact that those with money exercise the biggest influence over our politicians, but that is only because we allow them to have the loudest voice.  Politicians want two things, money in their campaign fund and votes, but what was proven last week in Desoto County is that votes out-weigh money.

There has been a lot of press about the amount of money the Desoto County challengers raised over the past several months but what has not been highlighted is that every incumbent had more money in their political coffers than their opponents.  What the citizens must understand is that their vote and their voice of dissatisfaction is vastly more important than the amount of money a politician has stored away.

This is why we must stay engaged, watch our elected representatives and voice our opinions.

As the next Representative of District 6, I am asking you to hold me accountable.

No one should be trusted to protect our constitution and our freedoms without someone watching their actions and decisions, and that includes me.  Protecting and securing our freedoms and our constitution is a key issue for me, but I still must be held accountable because the temptations of politics and power are many.

Mississippi Gun News will continue to discuss and highlight gun laws and Second Amendment issues and I ask each one of you to follow what I’m doing for the next 4 years while I serve as a State Representative.  As gun-rights and freedom advocates I need your constant attention and oversight.

In addition to continuing to educate yourself and voicing your opinions on Mississippi Gun News, please also go to my political website www.DanaCriswellforMississippi.com, and sign up so you can communicate with me about all issues that arise in our State.  I need to hear from you directly, I need to be held accountable for the decisions and votes that I make while serving the people of Mississippi.

Our freedom and liberty are too important to leave in the hands of one person.

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