Show up for work.

This sounds simple, but too often, our representatives don’t even cast their own votes or show up in person to represent our views at the State Capitol. As a pilot, I’ve never had the luxury of “phoning it in.” As your Representative, I’ll be there on the job fighting for our Olive Branch values and priorities.


As a member of the House Education Committee I have fought against educational standards being dictated to our schools from Washington, D.C. We as parents and citizens in DeSoto County know better how to work with our local school officials to create high standards and challenging curriculum for our students. I believe we should offer every child the best education possible and that parents are best equipped to make those decisions. 

Let Our Teachers Teach.

Every year it seems our educators are bogged down with more and more testing requirements, bureaucratic red tape and unfunded mandates from Jackson and Washington, D.C. I’ll fight to free our educators from burdensome regulations and will advocate treating them like the professionals they are.

Parents’ Bill of Rights.

I support a Parents’ Bill of Rights to make clear that the responsibility for our children’s upbringing, education and care first and foremost lies with parents. The interests of children are best served when parents are free to make those decisions without government interference in their lives.

Defend Our Constitution.

I am owner and editor of the website Mississippi Gun News which is dedicated to protecting our Second Amendment freedoms. As a firearms enthusiast and strict constructionist when it comes to our Constitution, I will work hard to protect our guaranteed freedoms and liberty to live free of federal government over-reach into every aspect of our lives.

Keep Olive Branch Safe.

If elected with your support, I’ll fight in Jackson for more resources for public safety and law enforcement. We need to keep our community safe and as crime-free as possible.


I have enjoyed getting to meet lots of new people as we’ve been out knocking on doors and putting up signs for this campaign. We’ve been to thousands of doors asking for votes, and the level of support and encouragement we’re receiving is inspiring and helps keep us motivated to work even harder.  If I’m able to win this election, I’ll carry that work ethic with me to represent our interests in Jackson.

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